Tuesday, April 4, 2023

SMASH 1.7.6 is out

It has taken a long long time, but finally a new release of SMASH is out.

The last year has been centered on working on a new Survey Server version based on Django to sync SMASH with.

So what are the news about this SMASH release?

Support for the new Django based centralized Geopaparazzi Survey Server

This version of SMASH still supports the "old" survey server, but is also ready for the new django one.

The new GSS release is in the works, but just so you know what it is about...

The new survey server has finally support for multiple projects, users (that can be part of multiple projects) and groups and the possibility to select very fine authorization granularity, when necessary. In SMASH it is therefore possible to select the project to which sync to:

While the frontend is basically the same as before, heavy changes have been done in the backend and django's admin console has been exploited.

All suitable GSS models can be modified directly in the admin console. The objects lists have been tweaked to show relevant information. For example in the case of complex notes, the images contained in the notes are accessible directly:


The note view:


and from there the actual images:

Soon we will officially release the new survey server and some docs with it.

Support for the Remine GeoTaskTracker server Plugin.

The nice people at Georepublic have been working on the Redmine GeoTaskTracker plugin for a while now. With this release the SMASH support for this is getting officially supported!

Being able to insert geo-issues from SMASH is actually quite cool: