Saturday, March 5, 2011

BeeGIS in osgeo4w

As promised we now have also BeeGIS coming with the osgeo for windows installer.

Again, want to try it out? Just run the installer here and search for BeeGIS in the advanced install. The BeeGIS extentions will appear in the uDig istallation.


Anu said...

I'm looking for an all-in-one field survey solution where (1) the Tablet/mobile device can record the gps location & direction of the Photo similar to a Garmin Oregon 550 and (2) the app can show the direction and add annotations like marking polygons on the picture similar to beegis.

Is this a far fetched dream or is there something out there, an android/windows/ipad with gyro-synced camera and compatible app that can do this? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

moovida said...

Well, it looks like 2 is already BeeGIS. And about 1 what can be done right now in BeeGIS, is that you can make BeeGIS record the location on photos you took with a camera. The direction is not possible right now.

I am more and more getting to like the idea that direction can be recorded through a two point recording technique.

Anyways, all you seem to miss right now is the direction.

moovida said...

Outch, sorry, I did that too fast. Didn't notice that you were talking about android.

Ok, on you find the little brother of beegis we maintain. It is not a mapping tool, but it records referenced pictures that can be imported into BeeGIS (also with direction) and it can record lines (not polygons). Those lines can then be imported into BeeGIS and transformed easily into polygons.