Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mercurial and Git cheatsheet

We are using Git and Mercurial for many different projects. Apart of suffering often of confusion in command usage, I am still trying to figure out tricks and understand advanced features. here I will try to keep a cheatsheet uptodate. Corrections are welcome, as well as comments about how to fill in the gaps. Whatever comes in and makes sense, I will update the cheatsheet.

In this I am not trying to show how that git and hg are the same. I only want to show how common tasks could be done in the two versioning systems. Please be aware that (as some commented) this might create confusion, since there is no 100% same way to do things and branches, tags and whatever do not always have the same meaning in both worlds. So please be careful. I find the cheatsheet useful, so might others

Discussion ongoing in the comments section.

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