Thursday, March 24, 2011

geopaparazzi 2.3.0 out - the osmdroid integration

Today we released geopaparazzi 2.3.0 to the android market.

This release bring a ton of news and fixes. The two most important are for sure the fixing of some GPS issues, making the gps now faster and more stable. The other is the integration of the osmdroid project as the mapping engine for geopaparazzi. Since the mapping engine needed to get professional finally, we decided to do it properly, and the osmdroid project does that.

Another nifty addition is the support for bookmarks.

Full release notes:

New features:

* integration of the osmdroid project (brings multitouch, minimap, scalebar, enhanced rendering, multiple tile sources...)
* enhanced tools in slider over map
* support for bookmarks


* enhanced handling of gps status icon
* updated documentation at:
* icons now are properly created for various densities
* possibility to delete notes and bookmarks on the visible map
* better contrast color for chart viewer
* labels properties for better overlay of poi layers
* select/unselect all on data lists


* fix for logs not showing up on map at logging start
* new project was landing in backed up folder
* proper distance calculation in 3d
* gpx support also for gpx 1.0, not ony 1.1
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