Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New CSV import interface

I know I should be writing a wrapup of Foss4G at Sydney and the the week afetr that GFOSS (the Italian local chapter), but coding is definitely more fun... uff

Well, at the last mixed uDig-JGrass-BeeGIS course we gave one recurring thing came out. People still use to have csv files and need to import them into GIS a LOT!!!
For those who do not know, CSV stands for comma separated values and is a text file that looks like:


So this morning I decided to add a new interface for that in JGrass. I hope it will be accepted quickly in uDig so that it goes into there.

How does it work now?

1) File -> Import and then choose CSV import

2) Browse for the file to import and choose the separator character/string.

The preview in the lower part helps you to see what is going on and also gives you the possibility to choose a type for the various fields, as well as the name. Remember that an X and an Y are mandatory.

3) Choose the coordinate system and push finish.

Nothing new obviously, but that was definitely missing in the uDig family.
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